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Retailer FAQ's

Cost / Pricing

How much does it cost to use Doba?

Pricing of the Doba catalog and API automation technology is based on projected usage and integration levels. Technology fees will depend on the complexity of the technical integration involved between the Doba platform and your shopping cart. Doba does not make a margin on product sales.

Why is Doba so much cheaper than other "enterprise" solutions?

Simply put, better technology. Most enterprise solutions offer one-to-one data and process customizations. Every new retailer and each supplier that retailer wants to work with represents a custom integration that must be performed. By establishing one standardized format then developing technology that allows retailers and suppliers to 'map' their data to that format, Doba has eliminated the costs involved with one-to-one customization.

Inventory on Demand

What is Inventory on Demand?

Inventory on Demand is Doba Enterprise’s slogan and means that you can access inventory when you need it. Or, perhaps more accurately, it is there when your customers want it. It is inventory that you can offer for sale on your website without having to stock it in your store or warehouse. When you make a sale, the order is automatically placed at Doba by an API call and the product ships directly to your customer.

When can I access the product information?

As part of the Inventory on Demand concept, our product catalog is available online whenever you need it. If you have additional product questions, contact us.

Will I have access to inventory quantities?

Yes, Doba's suppliers provide regular updates to inventory quantities and product details.

How will Inventory on Demand help my business?

The Inventory on Demand concept allows you to sell products without the cost and risk associated with carrying inventory. It can allow you to test new products, supplement your current inventory, or eliminate your physical inventory entirely.

Order Fulfillment

Who will collect payment for my orders?

As the retailer, you will collect the payment from the customer. You will then place the order with (happens automatically through API) and make payment to Doba for the product. We take care of all the supplier payments and other transactions. That is what makes the whole process so simple for you.

Will drop shipped orders have my business name on the packing slip?

Currently, only limited suppliers offer branded packing slips; however, all our suppliers provide blind shipping, meaning prices will not be included on the packing slips and the ship from name will show something generic like 'Product Warehouse' or 'Fulfillment Center'.

Will I need a FedEx or UPS account?

No. All orders are shipped on Doba's account.

Do the suppliers provide status updates and tracking numbers for my orders when they've shipped?

Yes. Order information can be retrieved through the order manager or via the API.

Is there an automated way to process orders?

Yes, the API allows you to submit orders automatically as well as receive order updates and tracking information.

Can I submit orders on the site myself?

You can submit orders manually by logging into your account and completing the "checkout" or by uploading a batch order file. Alternately, you automate the process through the Doba API.

Do the suppliers ship directly to my customers (drop ship)?

Yes. Doba works with direct-ship vendors who offer direct-to-consumer fulfillment (drop shipping).

Products and Suppliers

Can I use Doba Enterprise to manage suppliers I already work with?

Yes. Chances are that Doba has already integrated with your current suppliers. If not, just send us their info and we'll get them on board. Our goal is to give you our retailers a single place and process to take care of all their drop ship needs.

Does Doba set up relationships with suppliers for me?

Doba does not become involved with establishing direct relationships between suppliers and retailers. Through Doba you can sell products from most suppliers without having a direct account with those suppliers. If there is a particular supplier you want to work with that is not a Doba supplier, please let us know and we will make efforts to establish a relationship with them.

How many suppliers will I have access to?

Currently we have around 300 suppliers. With a Doba Enterprise account you will be able to browse the inventory of and sell products from all suppliers in our virtual catalog.

What does Doba do to qualify the suppliers in the catalog?

During the supplier application process, Doba ensures that suppliers meet our supplier qualifications. Doba continues to monitor supplier performance to ensure our high level of service is always maintained.

Technology and Integration

How long does it take to become integrated with Doba Enterprise?

Integration times will vary depending on the amount of technical resources you can dedicate to the project as well as the depth of integration. Typical automation integrations using the API have historically taken 3-6 weeks.

How do I get the product information on my site?

You can retrieve product data systematically via the Doba API or in batch files using the data export files. The purpose of the integration is to allow you to retrieve product data and post it to your site with as little effort as possible.

Which processes can be automated through Doba API?

The API can be used to retrieve product data, populate your webstore, process orders, and return order updates and tracking.