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Doba Enterprise Enterprise simplifies drop shipping for the online retailer by providing access to products through a network of wholesale suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers.

Drop Ship Inventory

We connect online retailers with the drop ship inventory from hundreds of suppliers. As an experienced online retailer, you know how labor-intensive it is to research products you can effectively sell online, seek out wholesale sources for those products, and negotiate pricing and trade terms with the suppliers. Doba Enterprise Enterprise has already done that for you. Plus, we are continually expanding our catalog in order to offer you the best drop ship products available.

Consolidated Catalog and Ordering

The Doba Enterprise Enterprise platform is a consolidated online catalog and ordering portal. This means that you can access the products from all suppliers in a single location. Searching for products to sell, placing orders for sold products, and tracking the orders all takes place in a single location. You won’t have to work with each of the suppliers individually.

Additional features found on the Doba Enterprise platform include:

Watch List
A dynamic list of the products you are interested in tracking or selling. With our Watch Lists you don’t have to search the catalog again and again for products once you have found what you are looking for.
Custom Data
Customize product descriptions and prices of products you are watching so when you upload products to your store they are customized to your specifications.
Proactive Inventory Alerts
Receive automatic updates through email or text message when inventories of products on your Watch Lists are running low.

API Solution

It can be time consuming to manually load each product into your website and then to place the orders one-by-one with your suppliers. Now imagine if you are doing that hundreds or even thousands of times per week. Doba Enterprise’s API solution can eliminate this manual bottleneck for you.

API stands for Application Programming Interface and basically is the technical term for programming one program to work with another. Through Doba Enterprise’s API we can connect your webstore(s) with Doba Enterprise’s catalog, automating everything from populating your store to placing orders for sold products. Our API’s save our customers hundreds of hours per year.

Dedicated Support Staff

Doba Enterprise Enterprise has dedicated resources to help you through any issues you might encounter when getting your webstore populated with products from our suppliers. We have established a dedicated support resource for our customers because we know that serious retailers have different (and often more complex) types of questions than the typical online retailer. Our goal is to help you succeed!