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Doba is an Inventory on Demand platform designed to solve the major pain points with inventory management. The platform is the technology infrastructure to support a virtual warehouse and fulfillment system as well as the relationships with hundreds of suppliers. These suppliers are capable of drop shipping their inventory of products on behalf of retailers directly to end customers.

Doba will save you time and resources so you can focus on growing your business. No longer will you incur expenses testing new suppliers, finding new suppliers, and sorting, filtering, or standardizing data. You can test new products, move into new product lines, find new suppliers and access their virtual catalogs, and ultimately sell more products to your customers without near the cost of trying to do all of that yourself. You can also avoid the hassles of storing, packing, shipping and handling the products.

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Doba has been developing this technology infrastructure since 2002 and has invested millions of dollars in building a robust and scalable virtual warehouse and fulfillment system. We have also enabled an API so that you can use our website interfaces and programmatically access our service. Everything from searching for products to listing them for sale on your webstore to placing orders for sold products can be automated through the Doba infrastructure.

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The Doba API utilizes industry standard Web Services solutions, including SOAP and XML, in an effort to simplify the integration process and to ensure compatibility among software platforms.

Because the API operates as a Web Service, you are not limited to a specific set of web platform environments. Any platform that is able to communicate via SOAP or XML via HTTP POST requests can utilize the Doba API.

Doba also supports flat file data transfers, allowing you define a set of products, map the data to your specific format, and automate regular transfers of your custom defined data file.